I do things the best I can

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(google translate) In fejsbukových discussions often read that do not hold a plan to tour the world by hitchhiking around the world for three years, which I chose the money in a public collection to Hithitu. On the way, I almost two years and I agree that the road stretch since a few months afterRead more …

Second climb on Mount Sinai

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(google translate) I sat in the evening in the common area of the camp, he came to me Bedouin Deeb, who has traveled the world with the question of whether the smoke. I told him that only hashish and he gave me a handful of freshly noble marijuana. Zakecali I then tell me if IRead more …

Can a world peace exist?

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(google translate) I often think of one thing and that is peace (peace, peace, peace). My path is peace. It’s about knowledge and understanding of other people’s cultures and traditions. I want to experience it firsthand, I would not have to blindly evaluate and fear them. Wherever I’ve been, people wanted to live in peace.Read more …

I climbed Mount Sinai

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(google translate) For quite some time I needed to get away and clear my head. After dinner, I took a backpack, threw it into 3 liters of water, sleeping bags, aluminum mat, Palestine and jacket. I did not have any light, map, phone, camera, money, food and even shoes and took off. I knew justRead more …