How it began

I followed typical social programme. I studied hard and worked hard. When I was 28 I finally got balls to quit 9-5 job, break up with my girlfriend, take all savings out of pallet, sell everything till the last sock and went to face my biggest fears. Any moment since then if I die I will die fulfilled and happy.

Why I do it

I want to posses everything and rule entire world. Now seriously – I want to inspire others to stop putting off their lives and start to fulfil their dreams as I do. Those who do not get any of actions, I want to share adventures I experience on my world trip though videos, articles and pictures.

My current mission

To hitchhike around the world. My journey was so far very intuitive. I do not follow any detailed plan. I travel as quickly as I feel it and where I am attracted to. Thanks to this I experience things that other people dream about. It is simply because I say YES to everything that I am offered!

Life motto

I have nothing but freedom


Aleš Šmejkal

Visionary, Thinker

“Pavel is well of inspiration, fearlessness, positive mood and entertainment”

Adam Marčan

Designer, Digital nomad

“Pavel is my big inspiration of his spontaneity and actions”

Michal Bernartek

Entertainer, Busker

“Pavel is an adventurous and fearless traveller, full of trust to the world, I admire his great mission”

Matouš Vinš

Traveller, Digital nomad

“Pavel belongs among the biggest punkers and people lovers”

Anton Vorozheev

IT Manager, Photographer

“Pavel has a very interesting views on travel and life itself”

My life story

"I have nothing but freedom"

I was born in 1986. I come from North Moravia from Hlučín town close to Ostrava that is third biggest city of Czech Republic. I studied Mobile Technology (Computer Science) at Technical University of Ostrava. In 2009 I was accepted to 1 year Erasmus exchange programme at Coventry University in UK that I finished off with Bachelor of Science. Right away in 2010 I moved to Barcelona to undertake 6 months vocational internship. In 2011 I returned back to Czech Republic and graduated. Afterwards I worked nearly 3 years as IT specialist in Brno. Professional CV on LinkedIn

I followed typical social programme. I studied university, found a job and worked hard. On the beginning I enjoyed work and earned good money. However after a year the job did not fulfil me anymore…

I lose heart with travelling in 2004 while 18 years old left home with my schoolmate heading to London to find job. Right at that time I began be addicted to an exciting feeling from something new and unknown. In 2007 I set off with his friend to get a taste of hitchhiking around Czech Republic. This way of travelling was the most rewarding therefore I hitchhiked around France in 2008 and Spain in 2009. The furthest hitchhike was to Istanbul. The longest wait on the road was 8 hours. The quickest to Minsk in 24 hours. The longest 3 weeks around Balkan. I travelled nearly all Europe. Breakthrough happened by visiting of Marocco where I realised that Europe is fairly boring and began to be interested in real world outside of Europe. Inevitably took a turn fulfilment of my big dream – Hitchhking around the world you can follow on Facebook.

With travelling came the need of communication in foreign languages. At school I was taught only English. However the grasp of languages I really got while travelling. English became my second nature after one year of studies in UK and another year of work for New Zealander IT company. After half year of self study French became my third language. With Spanish I started as a autodidact. Later followed couple of courses and lastly lived in Spain, where I brought my Spanish to fluency in two years. With Russian I started on company course and use it practically 3 months during my stay in Caucasus. Oncoming is another world language which is Arabic. I like to communicate with indigenous people that often do not speak any world languages thus I like to learn their mother tongues in order to get by.

I did not know what I want to do. I undertook man training programme which included vision quest process. I went to the forest for 4 days and nights where I was fasting, drank only water and prayed for vision. When I came back I knew my vision is to go around the world…

I started to make videos in 2014 when I edited his first short film for company competition and ended up on 4. place. Video creation became my big passion. Nowadays I predominantly film adventures from my world trip. You can watch my videos on YouTube. channel

My values

Do it now or never

Work to learn not to earn

Do what feels in heart

I don’t possess it I use it

Quality food first

I love


eating fruits and vegetables

creating my life

writing blog

shooting videos

sleeping outdoors

cycling far away

being authentic

swimming in seas and rivers

reading inspirational books

meeting new people

taking pictures

spending time alone

hiking in nature


sitting next to bonfire

discovering new cultures

travelling to unknown

walking barefoot

dancing on weddings

cocking delicious food


watching animal behaviour

trying new food

learning new things

climbing mountains

talking to sun

reusing old things


playing with kids

observing stuff

speaking languages

exercising yoga

playing drum, didgeridoo and guitar

hitchhiking around the world

My teachers

Jindřich Širůček

Couch, Manager

Amit Matzliach

Mentor, Photographer

Petr Klega

My daddy, DJ

Irena Klegová

My mummy, Seamstress

My examples

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

Politician, Philosopher

Václav Havel

Writer, Philosopher

Ladislav Špaček

Writer, Speaker

Robert Kiyosaki

Businessman, Investor

Václav Rathouský

Writer, Businessman

My travel inspiration

Dan Přibáň

Traveller, Journalist

Riku and Tunna

Adventurers, Filmmakers

Ludovic Hubler

Adventurer, Author

Jeremy Marie

Traveller, Author

Tery Robin

Globetrotter, Hitchhiker

Visited countries