I became a baker in Daraw

(google translate) Hotel Luxor, I left about 16 pm, when it was not so hot. During the day, not much can be done, because it’s terrible heat (40 degrees) and the fact that it’s fall and the sun sets around 18 hours in the dark again traces very hard in every country because drivers I either can not see or me they are afraid.


At the refreshment stand, I bought dinner cooked beans, falafel and bread. I wanted to sit on a stone bench, but it was so hot that I could not sit on it for a minute. I walked from the promenade and sat directly on the bank of the Nile. Sweaty body’m pleasantly cooled in the cold river and then launched into eating of. I was looking at boats carrying people to the West Bank. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants of the Valley of the Kings, which I saw from a distance, beautifully illuminated.


I wondered what to do. In Luxor crowded, irritating in tourists on every corner, I wanted to be a minute. I wanted to go to the next village, but I suspected that the police catches up with me right from the first čekpointu escort and go back or I will dig into the hotel. Neither one I did not want. The easiest was to go on a train that’s worth pennies in comparison with the Czech Republic. Over 200 km one pays about 30 CZK.


Last time I admire the sight of Luxor Palace and I walked to the train station, when in fact I was a stranger took a trio of boys. One was unexpectedly approached to me and pulled me by my beard Nicholas. My hand from the shock and reflexively fired but I deliberately wanted, so I gave him a good slap to the poor throughout frightened and I was myself amazed. At the station I waited for my train third class. When the train came from the opposite direction, give me a passing guy said he was going to Cairo. I was tired and I really did not want to talk with anyone. So I thanked him in English. He repeated it to me and I thanked him again. I realized that I misunderstood when he said “fuck you?”. I replied that “thank you” and then just to make sure in Arabic. Just a little misunderstanding, and you almost get punched in the face.


I could not believe that I ever railway police ignored and I was totally independent. They probably thought I was going straight to Aswan as all tourists. But I was headed to the small town of Aswan Daraw bit before. At 2 in the morning I got out and all the natives were watching me, where I was married there. At the main road, I walked around a policeman and headed it toward the Nile where I wanted to spend the night under the palm trees. I was almost at the end, when in fact I was at the last minute realized that walking around a campus building at the gates. I saw sitting there the police. I gaze fixed ahead, hoping you will not notice me. I went through – ugh. After a moment, however, there was a shout. He came to me with a police officer in a gray uniform with a rifle over his shoulder. He looked like a hunter on the prowl, which was totally funny. Spurred me to follow him.


We walked to the chairs, which sat another officer Ade, who was the Bastille warm Egyptian pancakes (stuffed with black bread with honey). Now with me for one share. On the train they nafutrovali brothers Mohamed and Ahmed and I did not want anything to eat, but Ade was a very nice young man and I did not refuse him. Moreover, I ate a pancake for the first time. Without Ade checked my passport, asked me where I’m going. Most people do not understand that camping out somewhere in the city and the police certainly do not. So the only way to get rid of them was to go to the hotel. Ade I embarked on my motorcycle and drove to the square.


We woke up the clerk, who finally accepted me. The hotel was on the slightly worse than the house of horrors on the carousel, so the price of 50 pounds (150 CZK) was totally tricked. The receptionist already had in my hands a passport and about me at night just let go nowhere without me did not call the police to accompany me to the next hotel.


From his pocket, I pulled out the last 35 and told him that all I got. He took it and returned it to me Boer as a good Muslim with that, let us at least for tea. I wanted to sleep on the roof with other people, because the room was terrible heat, but he was afraid that I fell. So I waited until it loses there, and went to bed.


Another afternoon, I left the hotel and headed for town. Along the way, I added the chilled water dispensers that are throughout Egypt. I drink tap water wherever you poison and thereby gradually creating immunity to all sorts of bacteria that are in the water and thus I am in Egypt and elsewhere not yet had any major problem.


From the busy road, I turned and walked among the canals and fields full of corn and sugar cane. Just going down of the sun and all the farmers returning home. They passed me, shepherds and peasants rode on carts drawn by donkeys.


Suddenly stopped a few guys, gnawing cane. The piece was shared with me and wanted to let them take a picture when I have the tourist. I went with them to the neighboring villages. Among boys and girls I woke up a huge fuss. Everyone whiff me come and ask me in English my name.


I walked around Atáíba baker, who invited me to dinner. Brought before dinner, so it was dark. We had cheese, beans, lentils, tuna, pickles, potatoes and bread to his bakery. Everything was washed down with tea and I’m tired of the whole vytuhnul. He put me on the bench in front of a bakery that I can sleep there. I told him that he is happy to help with the making of bread. He agreed and wished me good night.


After sunrise woke me from a bakery people standing around, waiting for fresh bread. I ran to the bakery and looked where I could help. One guy was throwing loaves of dough on wooden platters. The other wore a furnace. The third is thrown into a huge furnace with a sliding belt. The fourth is bled and gave people across the window. Atáíb as the greatest chief of cashed money. Bread in Egypt is subsidized by the government so they can each buy 20 loaves of bread for 3 crown. Bakers did not need much help, so at least I stood at the delivery window and helped Saleh when he needed to rebound.



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