Disclosing Nubian secrets in Aswan

In the morning I woke up really swim in the cool of the Nile. I cast a 15-tikilový backpack and walk half an hour after I arrived at the place where it should be, Sudanese consulate. I asked people, and then I saw the Sudanese flag on the roof.


It was 9am and the consulate was pustoprázdný. In the waiting room she sat only one backpacker. I named Adam was from Britain. At the desk I filled out the form, and he’s added two passport size photographs, a copy of the Egyptian visas, a page with information on passports and $ 50. The clerk took everything with a smile and told me to come for a week. I did not get the visa the same day, but the week I lost too much.


I became acquainted with Adam. It adventurer like me. He is 43 and has had many things behind. After the country heads to Rwanda to the source of the Nile, where he wanted to go out and round him go down to the Mediterranean Sea on board pádlovacím. If it can successfully manage, so it will be a new world record. It is not even so much about the record as about finding out whether this crazy idea feasible. Will face as human factors, such as the various isolated strains, admission to national parks, and animal factor as crocodiles and a variety of other animals. Follow his adventures on his Facebook.


The other guy, who I was there that day met, was Fahim, who came from Kabul in Afghanistan, but over 30 years living in Canada. Although he is 65 years old and still travels as a backpacker, they sleep for cheap hostels and enjoys a healthy body and spirit. He loves freedom and prefer learns things without the help of various wizards. Much like walking on foot and even old age travels because he likes to learn new things. Until now visited 78 countries, and its aim is (until they are 70 years of age) visit by a hundred countries. Was 3 times married and has one daughter. He told me that an old Afghan proverb says: “If you fail at work or in your personal life together, so they marry or hit the road in the world.


The guys we agreed that together we will share one room in the hotel in order to save, because there are no cheap hostels and single room is not the cheapest (60 EGP = 180 CZK). Speaking traveler on the road stopped a visa requirement, it is very nice to ride out this time with other travelers, from which one always learns many interesting things.


In the evening I jumped into a boat and sailed across the western bank of Aswan to explore a kind of temple on the hill. The sun was just setting behind the horizon and hot air began to cool in a pleasant tropical night.


We walked along the river below the temple. All around the desert and so I removed my sandals and enjoyed walking in the sand. Suddenly appeared in front of us the way to the temple. Spontaneously, we released her. The second horizon, meanwhile, came a full month. The temple was beautifully lit and everything was mysterious and exciting.


We arrived in front of the temple. He had two entrances, but both were barred. David began exploring a hole in the ground, but did not get far because the tunnels were backfilled with sand. In the walls of the temple, which ran lizards they were carved some sort of ornaments. We sat on a rock and admired the tremendous work. We spent an hour sharing our stories of journeys, so any feelings of excitement and adventure accelerated.


We returned to the opposite shore, and all hungry we jumped on Egyptian beans with bread. Adam was tired and went back to the hotel. I still went with Fahima pass through the bazaar and listened to his words of wisdom and experience. I researched the Aswan mosque and then returned to the hotel where I slept like a puppy.



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