A week visit of Abchazia turned into 5 weeks

View to Caucasus summits covered by snow


Administrative Abchazian-Georgian border


Encounter with travellers from South Africa and England


After arrival to Abchazia on adminstrative border


 Serbian-sudanese traveller living in Canada


Lena from Belarussia showing me mandarin garden behind house


 Khachapuri – Abkhazian pizza


Abchazians do not give a shit


President palace in Sokhum


Permission of arrival to Abkhazia and permission of stay


With Lena on market in Sokhum


On market in Sokhum


On market in Sokhum


Buliding of former Abkhazian parlament after a war


Coffee time with sweets witu Lena and Daniel in Sokhum


On petrol station in Abkhazia


Hot springs in Abkhazia


Baked pumpkin


On visit in Abkhazian house


Abkhazian separatist :)


Abkhazian survival kit


Couchsurfing in Abkhazian house right next to a stove


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