Hi, I am Pavel Adventurer

I have nothing but freedom.

My mission is to challanage status quo and social norms through my courage.

My dream

First Czechoslovak president Thomas Masaryk had a dream to found its own country. First Czechoslovak post-comunist president Václav Havel had a dream to regain freedom for its people. My dream is world-wide dream.

I am

  • Adventurous nomad, charming punker and profesional homeless.
  • YESman, that says to everything new YES. Thanks to that I experience things, that other people only dream about.
  • Clown, that every king had on his royal court, that conventionally living society entertained and in other ways frustrated.
  • Fool and Emperor according to tarot numerology that is why I have a part from other moral blindness.
  • Social hacker. Every system has a gap and I am its worm. I do social experiments and I perceive my entire life as a one social experiment. I learn by doing mistakes and I do them also in order that other don’t do them. I often act without prior huge consideration and then the present result.
  • Warrior. In different manners I penetrate different societal structures, communities, subcultures, etnical groups or religious systems in order to examine and understand them better.


I was born in 1986. In life I have thought 1000 times I am total loser. Till age of 6 I couldn’t pronounce R and L letters. Till age of 12 I couldn’t go to summer camp down to my hay fever. On examination in pedagogical-psychological advisory they claimed that down to dyslexia and dysgraphia I won’t be able to finish apprenticeship whereas they confirmed that I have social feeling in the high above-average band. I self tought myself 5 world languages and graduated from Czech and British university with double degree.

My father is extremely decent man which I was too untill everything reversed in adolescence. Till that I was instructed about everything so I cannot make a mistake, that is why in right moment I tempted to experience what everything is possible myself.

At the age 15 on summer camp I made first time in my life striptease and got naked in front of everybody. I felt in love with travelling when I turned 18 and set off with my school mate to get a job in London. That time I was enchanted by exciting feeling from something new and unknown. When I was 21 I hitchhiked first time with my friend and was cought by this adventurous way of travelling. In gay bar in London I kissed with a man.

With my first girlfriend we were both virgins and 3 months I tried to break her virgine membrane. I feared that time that I will never have a sex. Couple of years later with my french girlfriend we made love entire night and had 10 orgasms. The biggest challange was to do it in a train. At the age of 24 I undertook internship in Spain and during the stay I had such as depressions that I wet myself at night and considered that I either commit suicide or will go to madhouse.

At the age of 26 I kick off my carieer as a business analyst for new zealander invest company. On the beginning I loved the job and made great living that way. After a year the work ceased to fulfill me. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to sell green foods that I was eating myself and then I undertook a man training that included a vision quest. I went to forest for 4 days and nights where I water fasted and looked for my vision. When I came back I knew I want to make a world trip.

Till the age of 28 I followed typical social programme. Both at school and work I worked hard. Then I finally got balls to leave golden cage at work, after several futile attempts I termintedlong-term relationship with my girlfriend, withdrew all savings, left home for few years and went to face my worst fears.

Professional CV on Linkedin

Kazma Kazmich

Internet dictator
“Pavel is freak and that’s what I like on him”

Miky Škoda

Founder of LowCostRace.com
“Pavel is myth challanger”

Aleš Šmejkal

Visionary, thinker
“Pavel is indomitable samurai”

Anna Šulc

Umělec, youtuber
“Pavel hodně zajímavý člověk”

Stanislav Gálik

Psychologyst, businessman
“Pavel is manifest of freedom”

On the Hitch to Africa I

After I returned from Africa I


Today I am on my own journey that nobody walked for me thus I do things as I feel them however I am not always sure where it is heading. I learnt to not be attached to material, love myself, give and recieve unconditionally, be open, say what I really think, ask for things and be gratefull for everything I have. I give everthing I can – energy, money, material, food, love, attention, respect, humility and everything comes back with interest.

I don’t try to please someone. I work on myself everyday not to be better or worse but myself. I do what I enjoy and look at my nose. It is ultimate freedom. I live my truth with all unperfections that everybody of us have. I do not care what other people think about me. This is my life and I will live the way I want. Some people love me, some damn me. They say that I am controversial however I do not judge myself. I am just Pavel Adventurer.

My values

  • Do it now or never
  • Work to learn no to earn
  • I do what I feel in my heart
  • I do not posses it I use it
  • Quality food first

I love

Walking Barefoot | Sleping under stars | Being alone | Sitting by bonfire | Travelling to unknown | Observing animal behaviour | Talking foreign languages | Exercise yoga | Learning new things |  Behing honest | Swimming in lakes and seas | Reading inspiring books | Discovering new cultures | Video shooting | Eating plants | Reusing old things | Food cooking | Hiking mountains | Talking with sun | Trying new food | Playing with kids |Dancing anywhere | Creating my life

My masters

Jindřich Širuček

Mentor, manager

Amit Matzliach

Mentor, youtuber

Petr Klega

My father, DJ

Irena Klegová

My mum, seamstress

My examples

Tomáš Masaryk

Politician, Philosoph

Václav Havel

Author, philosoph

Robet Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur, investor

V. Rathouský

Author, entrepreneur

My travel inspiration

Riku and Tunna

Adventurers, filmmakers

Ludovic Hubler

Adventurer, author

Jeremy Marie

Traveller, author

Tery Robin

Globetrotter, hitchhiker