Mother Teresa, Albanian hospitality, sheep’s head, Hoxha’s bunkers, high mountains and burek. All this and much more I have been discovering in country of eagles – Albania.

I began to discover Albania in the south in Gjirokastra that offers beautiful views to grey roofs and fortress on the hill.

Well the world is small and the there is no lack of chances. I met with famous Czech Actor Miroslav Donutil. When we took picture together he says: “you ate a garlic, did not you?” Yes, it is good for keep good health you know.

Near the border with Greece I leave Jan and Lubica. I experiencing difficult time. For 2 days being with them I had full security and comfort. I was their guest and they treated me as a king. One easily get use to it. However to go back is not so easy. We farewelled. I thanked for everything and was again out to the street without any security and safety. In that moments I had really hard time. I experienced fears that came and left as they wanted. They did not make it easy for me. My stomach was clenched. There was no option but to carry on with my journey. Every second felt like an hour. After a good while dance of emotions calmed down. Suddenly I felt strong reconciliation and silence in my soul. I have come to accept the situation as it was. I felt very strong at that moments. Yeah, I will make it! I continue and there is nothing to stop not even myself.

It happened what I wished. Lorry stopped and I jump on the its ute. I wanted so much to go at ute. I was not on my own. There was David with me. The ride was amazing and I enjoyed every single moment and was so excited about it.

On every corner in there is car wash and on the other there is petrol station. Albanians like to have clean car and full tank.

Nigtht view at Saranda that is close to the border with Greece. In the sight there is Greek isle Corfu.

Albanians ladies at the wedding.

Couple of days it rained a lot thus I got stock in Saranda and walked back and forth.

And then the hell left and I immediately set off for the journey.

Nik grew up in Athens but is originates from Saranda where he lives now. He owns construction firm to build roads. His friends father works on Ministry of transport so there is no lack of tenders.

On the way from to Saranda to Vlora I went through mountain pass Logara where from where amazing views.

Full moon I spent on the beach in Durres – former capital of Albania.

Sheep or dog? Guess.

On Tirana’s square. On the right is statue of national hero Skenderberg.

A man from Skopje came to me and when he was lighting cigarettes he did 3 at once – well he needs to save matches, right?

One should try everything. So I started with an eye and over little meat I got to the cherry on the cake which was sheep’s brain.

I always enjoyed sewing at primary school.

On the way to Kosovo I gut stuck over night in town of Milot. After little chaos I met Gazi that studied law and spoke good english. He was at visit of his cousin where I ended up for the night. They invited me for the dinner and afterwards we watched football match. As soon as the football match finished we went to see their neighbours that were celebrating wedding’s eve. I drank there lots of Raki and danced with brothers of the groom.

You know it. On Sunday morning all cows, sheeps and pigs gathered so they can exchange their owners.


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