Croatia is the youngest country of European Union. It joined last year. It is famous for its coast full of beaches, hotels and restaurants. I discovered it in different way.

In Zagreb there are both old and modern tramways. In the tramways park they have also tramways made in ČKD Prague.

100% Zagorsko festival took place on the main square that offered products and taste of music from this Croatian region.

In Fountain Mandruševač people commonly take batch like a man excited from the music that jumped in.

I also had a go. Water was a bit cold however I managed to catch up with the blog. Somebody reported me hence a policeman came and copied down details of my ID.

As you can see Croatian women are beautiful.

I spent 3 nights in the lair of Tamara, Nikolina and Ivana. I cooked for them tikka masala with chapati and rice which was more like goulash. However they liked it but at most they loved an indian bread chapati.

Their neighbour is Matt from US that plays ice hockey for Medveščak Zagreb ice hockey club. They are his fans and always wanted to meet him but were shy. Therefore I went to knock on his door and invited him for drink. Girls were truly excited and when he left they were so happy that hugged me all at the same time. It was their dream that I helped to fulfil which I am happy for too.

View from last floor of their block of flats to Zagreb at night. At the far the cathedral can be seen. It is the highest edifice in Croatia.

We spent night out dancing till the morning.

I am not sure what we were doing there but I reckon we observed stars.

On Sunday afternoon we went to see ice hockey match. Croatia has one professional club that takes part in Continental ice hockey league.

Croatian woman sells typical products of autumn crop on British square in Zagreb.

On some crossroads in Zagreb men in white regulate the traffic.

A man performing on the street had entire dog family with him.

I went to McDonald if I can work for food. Manager smiled at me and said that they have no vacancy but then she asked what I would like to eat. I said: whatever you have. I thought she will give me some old french fries but she gave me complete menu. I could not believe. When I ate it all on top of that she brought me an ice cream which I was freaking out of.

I came to the end of Zagreb on the Tuesday afternoon. I stopped one car that took me 4 kilometres. Afterwards I was not lucky at all and after 4 hours it started getting dark so I gave it up for that day and slept by road.

Next day in the morning I began hitchhiking and in little while I got a car. I hitchhiked three cars and one truck and made 400 kilometres to Sarajevo like nothing. This is hitchhiking about. One day you make 4 km and another 400. Nevertheless I am always grateful for every kilometer.


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