Hiking in Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park is a place forgotten by God where people live mystical life like 1000 years ago and time got stock for good. Stream water spun intestines and nearly paralysed me, 7 days without shower and ubiquitous dust inserted my skin like a tattoo, sharp mountainous equator sun grilled my face, I inhaled clear but dangerously sparse air, I heated up frozen limbs by hot tea and campfire, non-existent light pollution offered views not only to millions of stars but an entire galaxy, I saw Ethiopian wolf, I observed Walia Ibex, exotic birds and was 2 meters away from Gelada Baboon. By hiking 4430 meters high the Bwahit mountain I made new personal record. I felt like in roof of Africa, like on different planet, like in different galaxy… “A life journey is to uncover both inner temple and outer unknown.”

DSC_2051 copy 2
On the way from Gondar to Debark.

DSC_2057 copy 2
With Lisou a Veronika from Germany we hitchiked a lorry.

DSC_2095 copy 2
Out of Debark in house of our friend.

DSC_2110 copy 2
Roasted barley and honey wine called Tej.

DSC_2119 copy 2
Ethiopian bread pancake-like named Injara with chickpeas and sauce.

DSC_2120 IMG_7700 copy 2
With our friend Masresha Teshager and his family. You can visit him in Debark and experience genuine rustic life. See more in his website and do not forget to great him from me www.SimienTour.com

DSC_2121 IMG_7715 copy 2
First day on the way from Debark to first camp Sankaber.

DSC_2178 copy 2
Life is a journey that nobody else will walk for us.

DSC_2214 copy 2
Beautiful landscape.

DSC_2223 copy 2
Incredible views.

DSC_2244 copy 2
Gelada Baboons tribe on pasture.

DSC_2265 IMG_7723 copy 2
Menelik’s Bushbuck with baby.

DSC_2287 copy 2
Ohh yeah! Breathtaking.

DSC_2303 copy 2
Second day arriving to Gitch Camp.

DSC_2330 copy 2
Third day on the way.

DSC_2357 copy 2
In Chennek camp.

DSC_2358 IMG_7729 copy 2
Notice the entire galaxy.

DSC_2359 IMG_7726 copy 2
At night was usually around 0°C thus sitting around campfire was more than pleasant.

DSC_2387 copy 2
Frozen after chilly night totally happy that sun is rising and its x-rays are warming me up.

DSC_2395 copy 2
In the park was many exotic birds.

DSC_2411 copy 2
National Park offered to watch unique flora.

DSC_2455 copy 2
4 day at Chennek camp. Personally the best place in the park.

DSC_2429 copy
At the edge of escarpment deep up to 300 meters.

DSC_2456 IMG_7770 copy 2
Walia Ibex on pasture.

DSC_2458 IMG_7788 copy 2
Before sunset a view to one of the villages in the valley.

DSC_2480 copy 2
Fifth day during hike to Bwahit mountain high 4430 meters.

DSC_2508 copy 2
Gelada baboon in Chennek camp.

DSC_2509 copy 2 IMG_7801 copy 2
Scary isn’t it?

DSC_2534 copy 2
On the left our scout and guide Agenya.

DSC_2535 IMG_7789 copy 2
Sunset in Chennek camp.


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