Hospitality begins behind Europe – Turkey

By entering Turkey begin 3 lanes highway


In front of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul


Beautiful shisha house in Istanbul


Sale of fresh fish in Istanbul


Turkish buffet s variety of food


Time to pray in mosque in Istanbul quarter Besiktas


Baking a bread in street in Istanbul


I slept on roof of building in Istanbul quarter Besiktas


Kebab time in Istanbul


By the sea in Istanbul


Turks celebrating independence day at 29. Octomber


Turks go to sleep in library


My first couchsurfing at Faruks’ place


Sale of snacks on highway in Istanbul near toll


Mesut gave me lift himself and took me to wedding where he was heading


I danced all night on turkish wedding close to Duzce town


In Gerede Turks payed hotel for me


Hitching in north of Turkey


Two chaps gave me lift to Samsun and moreover invited me for a soup


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