I was hunted by eagles on Berkel mountain

I woke up in the morning and felt something was wrong with my back. He felt I had been traveling for a long time and it was not easy for me to go to boots and not to practice yoga in the morning. I slept on Mount Berkel and was glad I was in a long time somewhere where there were not many people in the morning and a little privacy. This is wherever you go in the desert, but there is no water there for a few days, so I keep close to the villages and the Nile.

When the sun began to pour, I climbed under the stone into the shade and wrote the diary. Meanwhile, I watched tens of eagles circling on the azure sky, which was unbelievable. Romance later became a bit unpleasant, as the eagles were more curious than I and they started to approach me uncomfortably during the flight and I felt like hunted game.

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I spent Berkel on a full day. The evening came as a flashlight on the computer and especially the water and so I had to go on. I was walking through the palm grove and was thirsty to drink water from the irrigation channels. I walked through the village of Berkel, and some of the guys started watching me with curiosity. I went to the Nile and wanted to bathe naked. Boys, they did not give me peace, so I scolded them.

Back from the Nile, I returned to the main road across the village. This time, all the kids from her were hunting me. They began to call me “my money, my money” and then they threw a stone on me. I felt very uncomfortable. I arrived on the way and saved me from the fact that there was a man in the carriage, which made the children sick. The Lord explained to them that I was a tourist and that I did not have to worry. Suddenly, an old woman was passing past me, scarifying all over her face. I saw it for the first time in my life, and it was such a horror that I was frosting my back.

Around the passing car stopped and offered me some help. I refused here. The Lord of the Carriage invited me to my house. His name was Abud. I jumped up to him on a cart pulled by a donkey. He came from the village of Berkel. We traveled by showing her everything that came to him interesting. Due to misunderstandings, we went to Karimas to market. As we drove back, the donkey stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, stretched his hind legs, and began to piss. I jumped out of the wagon. It came to me that he would not be able to relax when he was wearing a wagon on which two chapi sits. Abud smiled and said, “It’s a donkey.”

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We came home to him. He lived in his parents’ house with his wife and sisters who had not yet been married. He introduced me to them. You, even to my astonishment, shaken me with fins but only through the veil. Abud was taught at a business school in Khartoum, where he learned English. He spoke quite well, but still it was necessary to confront another mentality and thought. For dinner, he brought the potatoes, the slices of the sauce and the bread. Then I followed the tea I demanded without sugar and he had no problem with my astonishment.

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After dinner we went to his milk neighbor. Pan jumped into the barn to the goat and nipped her. Then he invited us to speak. We sat on the bed in the courtyard of his house. Sudanese is pleased to sit on ordinary beds, which are often the only room facilities. When the visit arrives, the two take them out, put them together and have a refreshment table among them.

We got freshly hot hot milk and very good coconut biscuits on which the relief of a car was made in Omdurman. The Lord has told me that cow’s milk drinks only adults, and children are given goats. One of the first questions was, as always, if I already have children. He told me it was practical to have children early. When they are small, their grandparents take care of them, and when they are bigger, then they take care of them when their parents are at work.

On the way back we stopped at a small shop. It was very modestly equipped with a couple of foodstuffs. The biggest attraction there was great


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