Illegal camping around Kom Ombo Temple

(google translate) Near the banks of the Nile was the palm jungle. On the night I was there stretched hammock to put him sleeping bag for the night was surprisingly cold, especially at dawn and around, I stretched mosquito mosquito but not much. I was expecting that I am a farmer and will be staring at me, where I went along and what I am, and so it happened. The one who discovered me told me about the next and so on I went progressively seen as an exotic pet.


Without it surprised me, so for me to be sure to call the police. I sat under a palm tree above the shore and slowly waking up. Suddenly I saw two guys passing on a motorbike, who noticed me. I suspected that it was the police and I was enjoying the last moments of freedom.


After a while, they went back and saw me. They told me let things collapse and go with them. All farmers, meanwhile, came about. The policemen did selfíčko with me but I could not with them, which was pretty unfair, so at least I took a picture with the peasants. I rushed to the bike and the Troika brought me back to a nearby temple. They led me into kanaceláře tourist police captain. I saw it on her shoulder 3 stars and knew that these speak English and are very nice to tourists, and also it was. He checked my passport and did not deal with the apparent guilt that I was sleeping somewhere under the temple in the jungle. He radioed a junior officer who stood on the tea and went to get me to buy biscuits.


Captain Mohamed was older bald gentleman. He spoke to me a few English phrases he knew. Another communication was no longer help his conversational manuals. The police deliberately not saying that I knew Arabic to me very particularly not question until sitauce explain and they would be friendly. Mohamed was interested in the Czech Republic and expressed that she would like to once visited. To my delight he knew surprisingly monoho. He knew that Skoda is a Czech car by now on belongs to the German concern, as most people think it’s German. Furthermore, he knew that the Czechs produces good weapons and ammunition from us Egyptian government purchases.


It was very pleasant to sit in an air conditioned office with ventilátiorem when outside temperatures dropped to 40 degrees hot. Captain excused himself and went to the mosque to pray. At the table sat a young policeman Ali, who is with me now put in the captain’s absence in the speech. Our friendship began selfíčkem. Snack had tuna baguettes 3, by which lovingly shared with me. I offered him napolátku biscuits and dates, which I found in a backpack. Ali is 21 years, came from Cairo and always wanted to be a policeman.


The policemen asked me where I was going. For simplicity, I told them that I was going by train to Aswan. While I waited for one more night and the next morning the camel market in Daraw. I expected to go back under police escort to the station, where I dropped in a police car. I really did not care and was glad that I could survive a hot day with pleasant company in an air conditioned office, thus presenting the Egyptians. Followed by another invitation to tea and a cigarette. But I refuse that prefer to smoke shisha and when I feel it is a good time to mention as well as hashish, which always arouses a big smile. In Egypt smokes hashish, which is illegal, almost every second while Egyptian alcohol that is allowed can give their counterparts mostly in Cairo and Alexandria. Holt customs are stronger than laws, which led Egypt to get closer to the western world.


With increasing time, I realized that no police escort and I will not ever leave. So I waited until the heat subsides’s largest and between 4 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I thanked the captain for his hospitality. Last time I pokoukal at the temple, from which čišila smell antiquity until it made me the creeps.


I started walking it back to 5 kilomterů remote town of Daraw. Along the way I had to get rid of pesky řiduču-fat or fat children begging money. I went from a bustling main road on the side which ran alongside the farmer’s fields. Of jenoho field behind me he ran Abdul Karim, who works as the director of a local school. It was just a Friday, which is in the Muslim world as the Sunday with us, so he spent the whole day working in the garden. As darkness fell and said he had returned home but still invited me to tea and talked briefly with me the whole thrilled to see foreigners from Czechoslovakia. His brother, my way of ripped ztromu fresh lemon and they parted with me.


I was almost in Daraw and began thinking how saturated with my empty stomach and head, where I pass. In my pocket I had one last pound and a half, for which he would buy 6 flatbread that I wanted to give the salt. I recognized that I was standing in front of the street, where Atajibova bakery, when in fact me somebody from tuk-tuk called my name. I never had any idea who he is. After dark in the distance, all those SAID look just like bogeymen. I walked up to him, but he still did not know. It was Sarah, whom I met when he dined at a baker Atajíba předpředešlí evening.


We were both hugely excited about such a chance encounter. I asked me where I’m going and if I’m not hungry. I told him that I would like to eat something. I jumped into a tuk-tuk and we scooted to visit his friends where he was going.


We arrived at the house of Saleh, where he sat monoho his brothers and friends. Everyone was very excited that I was up there. I pulled out my journal with photos and everything about me povykládal them. My beard as usual aroused tremendous attention. First, you expel me, I’m from the Islamic State or Osama bin Laden. Then they thought I was in the mosque Sheikh. It turned out that I am not a Muslim, and that’s all rounds fired. We welcome drink vychalzený homemade mango juice.


Later he brought a rich dinner. I hunger for nearly cross-eyed, and I could not believe my eyes. I have started feasting. We had pasta with minced meat, grape leaves stuffed with rice, beans in tomato sauce, fried rice, spinach sauce, salad, chicken leg, saídskou pizza stuffed with meat and home to a loaf of bread. Even now my mouth water when I think of it. Everything was on one platter and we sat around. Thus, the food is shared and it is very slow to hand over the tray and did not fight for the rumors. In Arab countries it is customary to present guests with food scraps up under his nose as a demonstration of respect. I was still quite deliberately ratty but I stopped eating because I expected an incentive to eat on. Sometimes it is hard to reject the first time that a person is already full. So I ate a few more bites, and suggested that I really do bristling weary of.


But I had no idea that it will be even dessert. I do not know if it was the custom in their house, and that was a festive Friday. However, everyone got a piece of delicious sweet dessert and to sprite. Everything I bought it with love and bursting at the seams. I did them for their hospitality and thanked I joked I am now on the twins. All this we eventually completely washed away sweet tea.


Sarah asked me where I sleep. I had no idea. His friend Ali suggested it might save me a free hostel in the mosque next to his house. Along the way we were sealed in a tea house for tea and a pipe, and then there successfully staggered. I was tired of the whole day but I have just before bedtime with Ali said politely. After we parted, I fell into a deep coma utter exhaustion and was very grateful to the whole amazing day full of adventure.


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