Israel is western country surrounded by Arabs

Israel is young cosmopolitan country. It was established in 1948. There are 2 official languages Hebrew and Arabic. Most of the people speak fluent English and also two million community of Russian Jews gives importance to Russian language both in societal and commercial life. For instance in Israel exists television or radio channel in Russian. In Israel lives many nationalities. Israel administratively consists of Israel state, occupied Palestinian territories and Golan heights that de jure belong to Syria. In territory of Israel state live Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Israeli Druze, Israeli Beduins and other ethnicities.

Palestinian man during autumnal olive collection on Olive mountain in Jerusalem

Prior 1948 communist party took over power in Czechoslovakia both countries enjoyed close relations.
Czechoslovakia for instance gave to Israel after second world war 3 air fighters Messerschmitt which that time formed entire Israeli air fleet that Israel used in first Israeli-Arab war in 1948. When Czechoslovakia became part of communist block, Moscow cooperation with Israel discouraged and likewise Israel was advised by USA.

Masaryk street in Tel Aviv

Within Aliyah (immigration, raising) come Jews living all over the world as to support idea of Judaism. Some Jews come to Israel only to fulfil obligatory military service and then go back to their homeland. The biggest Jewish communities right after the Russia came for instance from Spain, Ethiopia, Argentina, Marocco and other islamic countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Syria or Iran.

Young Israelis

Young Israelis enter military service when they are 18. Obligatory military service join apart from Jews also Beduins or Druze, but not Israeli Arabs. Military service is obligatory for both boys and girls in length of 3 years. After service most of them need to clean their heads so they leave for world trip in length of 1 month up to 1 year. When they come back they are experienced both from army and world. At that point they continue with university studies or find a job and live normal life.

Israeli soldiers wear machine gun on them at al times

Entire Israel is surrounded by barbed wire with hundreds of CCTV cameras that are watched by tens of Israeli soldiers. Israel is officially in state of war. Peace treaties were signed only with Egyptian and Jordanian neighbour. Real danger threatens from politically unstable Lebanon and Syria. In the north of the country there are in shopping centres or private houses very often underground bunkers.

Border warning sign

Soldiers that are elected to be fighters must wear machine gun on at all times no matter if they are in civil clothes or uniform. They also have to sleep with the gun. They can put it off only when they lock it in a safe and by not doing so they are subject to imprisonment. With the gun in the hand they have to go for such a societal event like weddings or funerals.

Minefield warning in Golan Heights

Soldiers exercise from Sunday to Friday (weekdays) daily. The biggest number of military bases and soldier activities I noticed in areas close to Syria and Lebanon. Daily can be seen flying helicopters or air fighters and heard explodes of blind ammunition. Israel has in the north of the country radar that monitors entire territory of Lebanon and Syria. Espial drones are sent to Iran. They are controlled remotely and able fly there and back from one full tank. Israeli secret service able to monitor Iranian military activities with them.

OSN viewpoint supervising peace in Golan Heights

Israeli cuisine proudly adopted both original Arabic dishes and plates that Jews brought from all over the world. The most favorite dish is hummus (mashed chickpeas), falafel (fried burger from mashed spicy chickpeas) or tahina (sesame paste). Israel has very developed agriculture, water sufficiency, advanced irrigation system and climate that allows them to grow nearly any vegetables or fruits. Production is top quality and bumper harvest is exported abroad. Among typical export item belongs in size large dates called medjool.

Maturing medjool dates

In Israel lives both orthodox Jews that observe all Jewish laws and lots of them live for instance in Jerusalem and totally secular Jews that care exclusively about world affairs – lots of them is for example in Tel Aviv.

View to Tel Aviv from Yafo

Constant problem for Palestinian and international community is Israeli government sponsored founding and extension of Jewish settlements in Palestinian autonomous territories. Most of the time moves in orthodox Jews that believe what is written in old testament that this land belongs to Jews. Another reason is that price of land is lower. Another big dispute is curing water springing from fountain in Temple mount.

Candle in 600 hundred years old synagogue in city of Safed

Orthodox Jews observe variety of rules. For instance they must not eat together milk and meat products or they have to clean their hands before eating a bread. Animals have to be slaughtered according to special rules called kosher similarly like halal for muslims. Unlike their muslim counterparts they consume alcohol. For instance a wine is used for ritual initiation of Jewish holiday Shabbat that begins on Friday after sunset and finishes on Saturday after sunset. During that is not allowed to work, drive a car, cook, rub oneself after shower, use of electronic devices or writing. They can only eat and read. Because of that Shabbat has very social atmosphere when people gather, eat and sing together. This also happens entire Saturday. Shabbat is a good opportunity to consume alcohol in particular wine that is so important for Jewish tradition.

U zdi nářku v Jeruzalémě

In Israel is very easy to hitchhike and it is totally part of the local culture. Even sole girls hitchhikes or man can be taken by an old woman. This is all down to the fact that Israelis go through 3 years long military exercise that makes them tough enough. I recommend to hitchhike in Israel including Palestinian territories.

Israeli youth catching lifts


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