The war in Kosovo ended up 15 years ago. The country is slowly but surely developing. The buildings are build very quickly. Daily fear of the one’s life exchanged for standard problems of western countries.

After 10 minutes of hitchhiking I jumped to the car that uncommonly arrived from opposite direction. Lum and Zana spotted me at the last second but turned it around and came to collect me. Zana teaches german at a school and Lum works at an embassy. During the war Zana lived with the family in Macedonia. Lum lived in Switzerland where he had good quality life. However when the war came he left everything and went to fight for his homeland. He said that in developing Kosovo has more interesting life now rather than in Switzerland were he grew up.

In the evening I walked around the city center of Prishtina and met Adi who I questioned everything about the war. We enjoyed ourselves and could not stop chatting. Then he invited me to stay in his dormitory. Next day he took care about me and was a great guide.

The war in Kosovo ended in 1999 when NATO and OSN declared protectorate of Kosovo and Serbian army had to abandon the country. On the picture is secured parking of OSN and EU.

Kosovo enjoyes kind help of USA for what are Kosovan Albanians very grateful. There is a street in Prishtina that is named by former US president Bill Clinton. Moreover there is also his statue.

Do you fancy wicker basket? Kosovan Gypsies make their stuff right in the middle of the city.

Construction of orthodox church interrupted the war and now there is no need for that anymore thus they plan to demolish it.

In the afternoon in the centre of Prishtina before the football match between Albania and Serbia youngsters walked with Albanian national flags.

I thought that country of pepper is Hungary but booth with all possible colours I have seen firstly in Prishtina’s market.

Typical two string Albanian cifteli.

Adi helped me to arrange an interview in national television of Kosovo. Reportage about my journey was broadcasted in principal news as the last one where is always room for one positive news about pets or one fool that is just hitchhiking around the world.

Ajvaz took me from Prishtina to Podujevo. He could not host me in his place but did not want me to sleep in the street so he paid a motel for me. Big thanks Ajvaz.

Football match between Albania and Serbia was terminated before its end. After the termination in the centre of Podujevo people started to gather and celebrate although not sure for what reason exactly. In the main street cars were driving up and down and people waved the flags. Crowd started to walk to the end of the town and the continued to the north. Then I realised that we are going to the near border with Serbia. At the border cordon of policeman awaited. They calmed the crowd and in one hour it dispersed.

The day after the reportage was broadcasted in television I went to see Podujevo. People waved at me and greeted me. They see stranger with the backpack so they say hello I thought. Then I realised it is down to the reportage. In the centre of Podujevo it all commenced. Everybody wanted to take a picture with me. Banker ran out of the bank, took picture with me and gave me 5 euros. I went to buy some food for that. When I walked around the supermarket a manager came to me to offer a help. She invited me to whatever I am up to. I did not want to abuse it so I just kindly received a burek with white yogurt. Then she called up all the employees and we chatted and made a picture together.

To the border with Serbia was couple of kilometers left. I never hitchhike passing busses. One passed and after a moment I turned around and saw that the bus is receding while a man waved at me to jump in. They took me to the border for free.


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