Modernization gives comfort and takes time

Abdullah arrived early in the morning and needed to return the thermos, in which he brought me tea with milk yesterday. After a long night I handed it to him and kept snoring until afternoon. There was an unpleasant heat during the day, and millions of flies were bothering me. That’s what I’ve solved by covering up my blanket, but I felt bad about it.

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After 16 o’clock, the largest afternoon heat fell off, and the sun was already warming the other half of the planet. So I started exploring the nearby pyramids, which, as it turned out, were not so close. I walked through the village mirror, and when I crossed the water canal, a cabin jumped to me thinking I was from National Geographic. He took out a metal cage out of the water and two snakes out of it. He practiced them in all sorts of ways, stretching them and opening their mouths. My impression that they did not do exactly the right thing made it clear that one of them was sickening. As far as possible, I shot, filmed and continued on.

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I was walking through the palm grove. On the corner of one house, I sat down on the side of the stranger. Not only did he advise me, but he was trying to betray me that the pyramids are terribly far away and I’d rather go fat-fat. I did not take much notice of this and walked on. The path suddenly turned into beautiful red sand. Tropical warmth was pleasing, palm trees were all around, the sun was slowly enjoying us, and I was experiencing incredible feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

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Suddenly I walked past the carriage pantas. He was just starting out and yelling at me “erbab”. I did not think much about it, and suddenly he took his butt on the freshly cut crop. We went to the main road, and again I was marching on my own.

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Three women came from the palm tree forest. As one of them saw me, she froze and began to hide behind the other and the other for the third. I did not know how to preserve myself and save them from breaking up, so I threw a nigger and stared at my own.

Meanwhile, it was dark and there was a prayer call at sunset from the minaret of the mosque. I got a feeling of vanity that I did not even get where I wanted to, and I’d rather go back to the village. The boys returned from prayer and took me to the restaurant for dinner in the nearby town of Merowe.

To the question, what do you expect with the choice of fleshy food I answered that beans with bread. Asking what I’m about to drink with the expectation of choosing a bubble sweet drink, I answered that tea. Amir smiled after accepting my modesty and said the beans with bread and tea had the same preference.

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At dinner I met my nephew Walad. He came from the duty of the second part of Sudan because his grandfather recently died. We were lying next to each other on our bed in the yard, and he told me how he lived in his village while he was a little boy. Sometimes he goes to work in England, so he remarks that the best in Africa is to sleep in the open air.

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Then there was no electricity in the village. People worked all day in the field. In the evening they went to the Nile, freshly cow’s milk, and then gathered and chatted. No one at that time had a television or a car. Only a dusty road without asphalt led to the village, after which people drove on the donkeys. People have been upgrading and getting rich financially over time, but their lives have lost their charm, simplicity and less time.


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