Hi, I am Pavel Adventurer

I have nothing but freedom.

My mission is to challanage status quo and social norms through my courage.

My dream

First Czechoslovak president Tomas Masaryk had a dream to found its own country. First Czechoslovak post-comunist president Vaclav Havel had a dream to regain freedom for its people. My dream is world-wide peace.

I am

  • Adventurous nomad, charming punker and profesional homeless.
  • YESman, that says to everything new YES. Thanks to that I experience things, that other people only dream about.
  • Clown, that every king had on his royal court, that conventionally living society entertained and in other ways frustrated.
  • Fool and Emperor according to tarot numerology that is why I have a part from other moral blindness.
  • Social hacker. Every system has a gap and I am its worm. I do social experiments and I perceive my entire life as a one social experiment. I learn by doing mistakes and I do them also in order that other don’t do them. I often act without prior huge consideration and then the present result.
  • Warrior. In different manners I penetrate different societal structures, communities, subcultures, etnical groups or religious systems in order to examine and understand them better.



Pavel Klega: alias Pavel Adventurer
Address: Dukelská 2, 748 01 Hlučín, Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 605 425 743

Press releases

15.02.2017 Adventurer Pavel Klega: První etapa cesty kolem světa stopem zakončena
18.07.2016 Dobrodruh Pavel Klega zveřejnil svůj první film
21.03.2016 Dobrodruh Pavel Klega vyráží 1. dubna kolem Afriky stopem
01.09.2015 Dobrodruh už stopuje rok kolem světa, teď ho čeká Afrika

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