Robinson by the Nile in Sudan

Abud woke me up early in the morning because he had to work. For breakfast we had a cake with milk. He took me to Karima. He invited me to coffee, but I refused because I did not drink it. I bought bio bananas on the market and watched the guy pulling the ice into the water cooler.

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I went to the water and asked the same ferryman again to take me free of charge to the other bank. This time I did not go to the village of Nuri but against the Nile stream. I walked across the savanna lining the Nile. Everywhere there was dried sand and it was a terrible heat.

I hit the camp of a vagabond like me. He was not there. I was hiding in the shade. In the Nile, I cooled my hot body and took some water to drink. I continued on. I was crossing the field of farmers and they were looking at me where I shared. I found a super stain in a palm grove where I camped.

I cooked rice for my meal. After the meal, I put a siesta in a stretched hammock. I’ve always been tortured with dozens of flies, so I’m packing like a mummy in the hammock. I was a nice snap and no one found me all the time. Later a shepherd of sheep came with his son. I smiled at him, greeted, and they were fine and went to theirs. For dinner, I cooked the rice again and went to find a place to sleep for the Nile. I was a long time all day alone and so I got a little depression. I just took it and went on. I found a place to sleep by the river. Blocked backs made me a tremendous problem to move.

It was a warm night, so I covered myself with only the hammock. I was bitten by some small flies that bite unpleasantly. I went to sleep about 21 hours. Later there came a great wind that exploded all that flew through the air, cooled down, I climbed into my sleeping bag. All night, I was afraid that a Nile crocodile would come and eat me. Eventually, however, I managed to fall asleep.

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I woke up in the morning and enjoyed shadow at the bushes within 10am. I washed myself in the Nile, drenched my clothes to survive the unpleasant heat, and took the water to drink. It was not easy to approach the Nile because its shore is unpaved like mud. In the palm grove I cooked rice. I was hugged by my blocked back. I did not know what to do. I had it all over my head. I walked things in the backpack and tried to throw them the most to ease my life.

In the afternoon heat, I walked to the nearby Meroe. There was a bridge across the Nile. I enjoyed beautiful moments by looking at him. I went to Meroe’s center. I put a bubble shower in the toilet in the mosque. I threw down the old tracksuits and the T-shirt.

After prayer, I asked the parish priest if I could sleep in the mosque. He was not very excited, and then he agreed that I could sleep in front of her on the carpet. Some guys heard it, and they told me to join him. They slept at the apprentices’ dormitory. The boys divided me from the beans they had for dinner and showed me a bed to sleep. Later, they learned about their teacher, who took me and invited me to my room.

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