During short visit of Serbia I met proud people, drank lots of rakija and ate pleskavica.

I hitchhiked from Podujevo in Kosovo. I wanted to get that day down to Nis in Serbia. However I set off quite late that day as it was already getting dark. I got as far as 12 km away from Niš. I decided to walk. When I stepped at 3 o’clock I encountered Mark who ran out of petrol thus he parked by the road and phoned for the help.

His village was nearby so I helped him to pull his Yugo back home. When a slope appeared some miracle happened and his car started and we drove the rest. His mum made us coffees in the middle of the night. We drunk wine accompanied by great chat.

In Serbia he could not find a decent job so he went to work illegally to Switzerland. After 6 months police discovered him, seized all his money and deported him back to Serbia. He wants to work as custom officer. In order to get the job he has to pay a fee of 15 000 euro to secure it till he is retired. As a custom officer he can be paid 700 euro and earn about 600 on bribery. In Niš he can work as a waiter but he gets only 300 euro thus he prefers to be at home and goes fishing. He plans to get to USA to earn and save money to get that dream job.

Awakening bakery in Niš.

Fortress in Niš built by Turks during Ottoman empire.

I met Mr Rizgar Rencero from Irbil in Kurdistan who travelled the world, speaks 10 languages and studied at Charles University of Prague. He was so happy to hear and speak Czech language after long time.

I have tried cevapi. Beer is in the bottles like in Czech long time ago.

After short visit of Serbia I am heading to Skopje in Macedonia.

I got as far as city of Leskovac while it was already dark therefore I walked through little villages to Mala Kopašica. While I was resting in Guberevac bunch of local lads returned from pub and started to talk with me. First they thought that I walk around the world.

Zoran invited me to his to stay overnight in his house. For dinner I got Leskovachka and afterwards naturally followed all night drinking of rakija while I learnt about Serbian history.

Zoran works occasionally on construction sites. His wife works as ticket collector. In Serbia in every bus there is a ticket collector that always checks your ticket after you jump in. Zoran makes domestic wine and rakija. Daily he drinks one liter of rakija and this drinks down with wine. There is no room for water in his life.

Next day his son drove me to the end of the highway where I continued hitchhiking.

Serbian gypsy Marko who lives with his wife in Germany gave me lift from Vranje to the border. He transports people from Serbia to Germany and back. He cannot get permanent residency in Germany with Serbian passport so he plans to get married in sham way with Bulgarian woman as to get Bulgarian citizenship so he can live freely in Germany with his wife. His wife got married a sham way with German man who has sign that he has a child with her while the baby is Marko’s. On the way we stopped in Gipsy village Pavlovac.

I entered Serbia through Kosovo. Serbian government officially considers Kosovo as part of their territory thus entering Serbia through Kosovo is illegal. I was afraid that I will have a problem when leaving Serbia to Macedonia. Nevertheless I flashed my ID card upon entering Kosovo where it is not obvious on what border crossing you enter the country unlike to the passport where you get a stamp with all the information. Luckily I left Serbia as smoothy as I entered. Otherwise I would need to go back to Kosovo first and then to Macedonia.


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