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With Klaudio, we slept on the Nile. At night, I was fascinatingly watching the sky full of stars, hoping to come to us to enjoy the crocodile. They do not appear to be close to civilization. I made a fire in the morning and cooked the rice in a small metal cup. Normally I do not cook on my way, but I had a kilo of rice from Egypt I wanted to eat. I bought a cup in a couple of boxes, and only one portion of rice can be made in it.

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After a few days of common tracing, I said goodbye to Klaudie. It travels totally offline, and the only electronic device is its alarm clock, which it is lazy to replace the flashlight once a year. It was not always easy to come out with him, but I appreciate the possibility to travel with him because I learned a lot from him. Neither do we like historical farewell, so I said italian idol and it was painted.

I needed to get to the other side of the Nile, from which the boats brought various merchandise to the market like wood, flour or straw for feeding sheep. I came to offer with help. I helped the boss first to lay the wood and then swept the whole ship full of sand. It was not easy to remove all dust because the ship was large and its bottom was reinforced with a grid. However, I had a lot to worry about and he secretly hoped he would take me for my help free of charge.

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I was waiting for the boss to come back from the market. But he did not go for a long time and the sun began to infuriate. In the morning, young man Mohamed, who was cultivating his field, near the camp, invited me to his breakfast room for a bean breakfast. I refused him several times because I wanted to have my rice and just be alone. This time he came again and I accepted the invitation because I needed to hide somewhere in front of the sun.

He was quiet and he did not speak much. We had lunch with the beans together and drank it with tea. I did not know when someone invited me to eat again, so I’m afraid a little bit to have my stock for the next few days. In the biggest heat I dropped out and put the breeches on the bed.

After a few hours I woke up. I went to see if there was still a boss’s ship there. She was gone. So I went back to the baton. Muhammad was ripped off so I could not even say goodbye to him. But maybe it was better because I felt he would not let me just leave. He would like me to stay for dinner or for the next. But all I wanted was to be alone.

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I moved the bathtub and went to the river. There were a couple of ships there. As soon as she was about to go out, I asked if I could be transferred free of charge. Mr. Ferryboat surprisingly did not want money, but he wanted to know where I was heading. I told him he was at the pyramid at the village of Nuri. In a few minutes I was on the other side and climbed to the beautiful sandy beach. I immediately took my sandals, walked on the sand, watched the sunset and felt like a paradise.

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I met a guy who invited me home. But I wanted to come to the pyramids and be alone. I jogged through the palm jungle and walked into the village of Nuri. She was narrow but long and sprawled along the Nile. It was just before evening prayer, and a couple at the mosque stopped me with help. They invited me for tea. I was already tired and the pyramids were not as close as I thought, so I accepted their offer.

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After my prayer, I was thrust into a house that was right next to the mosque. It looked like a hostel for the Imams. They took the bed to the small courtyard. After a while they brought tea with milk in a thermos and coke sponge. They were so excited to have a visit there. I was thrilled to have where to lay my head. Their names were Amir and Abdulahi, they were awfully funny, and I felt very good with them. Before Amir left, tell me to shut myself in from inside. Before I went to the chest, I took off my clothes and then completely drained.


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