Sudanese treat pilgrimmers even with money

I slept in the courtyard under the hood. That’s probably one of the best things in Sudan. I thought the brilliant sun would wake me up, but it was annoying flies that fly a lot in the daytime. You pack them in the evening and they are replaced by poison mosquitoes. So it’s like mud in the puddle. It feels like they’re working on two 12-hour shots – day and night. I covered myself and slept on.

I walked across the palm jungle along the path of the beautiful red sand. It was a pleasant afternoon warmth, the sun was falling down, and I was intermingled with the palm grove. I already knew the way, so I did not stay. It was just before sunset, and I finally reached about Nuri’s pyramids after about 2 hours.

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People lived nearby. There was no fence and no ticket vendor. A young man with a herd of sheep was just passing by. Everything was really idyllic. I approached the pyramids and enjoyed their majesty. Everywhere there was a damp fine sand damped by wind, and I was enthusiastic about them.

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I took pictures of them before it was completely dark and then I climbed to one of them. From the top I looked around until the day finally changed the night. It was a warm night, and the wind blowing, which successfully broke mosquitoes. I downloaded my computer and read a book. We were incredibly enjoyable that I was alone after a long time. I had no idea of ​​food, and nothing else I missed. After midnight I returned back on the way back. The whole village was asleep. The moon shone on my way, and the fear of it becomes a courage.

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In the morning, Omar came and terribly bemoaned me that I did not return to the dinner of the house. I knew it would be a problem. They were afraid of me and they could not even call me. Eventually they accepted my apology and put our breakfast together. I felt it was time to go on. I could hardly explain that I would continue walking or stopping to another village. Why would I go there when I do not know anyone. The fact that I appeared in this way three days before, one night, was not taken into consideration at Nuri in the evening. So I said I was going to Khartoum. So they wanted to escort me to the bus. But I did not have the money for this, and I ruled out that I was just going to stop. This also did not come with understanding.

They thought he would pay my bus to Khartoum. I tried to explain to them that this is useless, because I can go quite easily with a truck. They did not want to leave me just to the point, which I wanted the most. Eventually they took me to the nearby town of Karima, where I suspected that Klaudio would still be at the hotel.

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I sat in front of the passenger seat. Omar drove, and Amir was sitting behind. He was trying to give me some money to travel. I refused him. You did not say and still insisted. He said we were friends, and he wants some money to give me. In the end he stuffed them under my arm. When I saw its rigidity, I accepted it.

I have already received huge hospitality in many countries, but someone would give me money on the road and just when I needed them most I never did. I was looking at the Sudanese flag in front of me, and I had so damp eyes that I almost cried out. He gave me more money for that, Omar. Probably never in my life I was so grateful. For them it was help to a friend. It gave me tremendous freedom for the rest of my stay in Sudan.

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In Karima in front of the hotel I found myself on Klaudia. The boys were glad they would not let me alone. I said goodbye to them and told them they were good people. At that moment, Amir’s eyes were damp. Then he jumped into the car and they both lost in the distance. After a moment of thinking, I decided to save my money and sleep under the hood. I went to the Nile where I made a fire and cooked rice


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