To Luxor by police train

(google translate) In a student dormitory, I realized that I still live like a student. I do not earn much money, but I have plenty of time to be taught and learned new things. Although I found the work altitude after Brno, so I still lived in low-cost shared apartment right with each other students and evenings after work I spent reading books, learning languages, jogging in the park or gossiping over tea. The guys really wanted me to take pictures of SLR, so I meet them, and we went to commit the bank of the Nile.


I hoped that I’m free and I can not really walk away at the end Asjutu on track, but before my hostel manager returned the passport and called to me a police escort. I was totally pissed off and feeling like a prisoner. Finally I rozdýchal and city police exported me at the end of the district. Surprisingly, they were pretty good. They wanted, whether I let them disco music and we get along well selfíčko. Then I went with the police state that uses pickup trucks. I jumped into the truck and off we went.


At the rear, with me sitting with Ali and Mohammed they were also on welfare and I even let you shoot video. The driver stepped on it and turned all the way to the lighthouse and horn. For a moment I felt like a VIP while a criminal. It was as we drove through the war zone while it is in Nagorno Egypt super safe and Said’s are very nice and kind people. The whole situation reminded me of when I was a little kindergarten ambulance was carrying a broken hand in the hospital. It was very long and very deep. It touched me all over and I started to cry because it reminded me of my home and childhood. Even now I cry when I write it. I felt enormous gratitude for the fact that I am alive and healthy.


On the evening they brought me to a bigger city Sohag, where I hoped it would be a cheap hostel. Police did not know any, so I drove out to the nejdrahšího at what was there. I told them that they can not afford it. Stop Me also did not want to let go, and I’ll sleep under the stars, I’d rather not say them. Nejsnadější was to take the train. They threw me to the station and handed over tourist policeman. With him it was incredibly boring. It seemed to me that he only lives to live and die soon. That negative energy I had a big influence and I almost of waiting for the train got depressed.


To my delight, let me take the train 3rd class, which is the slowest, dirtiest, cheapest and most humane. While waiting on the platform, I was vyzvnán Saídskými farmers to přidsedl them to the ground. They were happy and aroused a huge uproar. I really did not understand them because they spoke their saídskou Arabic, but I felt them kindness and friendliness. Pozavali me to his house, which is in no case did not like the police. Then I was put there to talk with a young lad Mohamed.


The cop he ever let přijímout invitation Saeed and loaded me into the car, where the police section. At least, that Muhammad was holding me. Throughout the wagon was a huge fuss that there is a foreigner. One of the railway police forbade me to talk with Muhammad. That pissed me brutally. I hit the ground and started yelling at him. All the crews saw it and began to shout that I could build police. The whole theater with nepotism tourists, I was able to play, but I’m not in North Korea, I could not talk to mínstňákami. Sklidnila whole situation and then we have already talked in peace. Mohamed was smart, knew English perfectly and we really understood him. He wanted to be dokotorem but because rodučům studying business.


He told me how much it annoys the lack of freedom in Egypt. Would you svodobně choose their studies instead of their parents and marry it to feel, travel and even live life on your own. I told him that the entire old world was like. When the government no longer so common tradition sets the standards that you have to follow if you do not want to expose the enormous social pressure. I encouraged him and told him that I also have friends in Egypt who could build it all and now live their lives freely in places like Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh. Anyone can choose whether the gray mouse like most. When the income generated by the social program will have its own way of life will never be easy to live freely according to how it feels in his heart. The second option is to take their lives into their own hands, to be fully responsible for it and live it by yourself. Choose what a person wants to nurture whenever you choose, and if you ever have a partner and children. This path is uncertain, neprouzkoumaná, dramatic and full of sorrows and joys. Nobody can tell what it is, because each of us is unique. Whenever anything can happen. If a person is strong, open and accepting things that he comes to life, so he can feel free to take the path of freedom and truth about themselves.


The train ride was a great experience. Wagon ever walked sellers of tea, clothes and beggars. The floor was filled with all sorts of rubbish. They approached and performed SAID. They are tall, wearing dark Arab cloak around his neck have a scarf on her head, “towel”, holding a pastoral staff. It was very exciting to watch them. Train trailed all night. I did not get much sleep. At dawn the sun came up and I just looked out the window at the farmer’s waking life around the Nile. Both sides were visible in the distance Mountains, which produces Nile Valley. After a long time I traveled by train and felt somewhat normal because the train ride from childhood and loved him traveling. Like in India and in Egypt tracks built during the British Protectorate.


Luxor we arrived at around 6 in the morning light. The first thing I saw was the church that gave me another wonderful feeling of home. Outside the station, I batted všechhny annoying taxi driver. I walked through the old streets of the awakening of Luxor and was really excited. I found a hostel. The receptionist showed me a room and rooftop tearoom, where he was a beautiful view of the entire city. Rather than deal with accommodation, I wanted to go to the Nile. I went to the harbor with plachtnicemi called Feluccas. I went to the pier and came to the last large ship, which I joined. I happily watched the Nile, on the other side of the shore and the distant desert hills. I finished my rest rice with dates and tahini, and took a nap.



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