In Luxor I became a sailor

(google translate) In the early morning he was awakened by Abdul, who arrived on a boat from the opposite bank and invited me to tea. We sat in the shade under a tree and the zakecali. Then came the Nubian woman who sold Palestinian scarves. If someone has something, so I always say that I do not need, and thus could not have to haggle on price. I do not add that I would not take it even if they gave it to me for free because I have one and it’s enough for me. I wondered how I could help her, but I had given her the money. I offered her my favorite dates, but most said it has a surplus. I offered her that her or her 5-year-old daughter can learn English. Unfortunately, she just wanted the money. If he was hungry, so she calmly and buy something but I know that I give her money, nothing in her life she will not change and will continue to do what he does.


Abdul told me later that she lost her husband and all alone. He also told me that she likes sex, but as a Muslim it must in no way evince. Abdul suggested to me that I could have taken it and take care of her and of her daughter. Thus, without even gave her the money, I’d definitely helped tremendously and should be a positive impact on the entire community. I went out on my journey around the world, I circled it and not to be loved and stuck somewhere, even though it was nice and her daughter too cute.


Abdul offered me to rest on his sailboat. He gave me a rag and I began to refine joy. Then I did the first time he swam in the Nile. It was an absolutely amazing feeling of happiness and joy. I fell asleep in the sun a few moments. I was hungry so I went to the city. Stopnul me and some guy said to me that Uncle Abdul that she cooks in the restaurant and goes to buy spices at the market. I told him that I wanted to buy Egyptian breakfast. He offered me to wait to buy it for me, because as tourists would have given me more valuable. I really dreamed it, but I waited. He brought it to me and I insisted that normally costs 170 pounds (510 CZK), but he bought it for 70 pounds (240 CZK). I told him that I could Arabic and lived in Egypt for nearly a year, so you know very well what a meal costs. Vyměknul and said it paid 7 pounds (21 CZK), which I sat. You could feel that he had tremendous guilt and said he was sorry, he wants to be a good person. I have forgiven him and I went to explore the market.


First I walked around the shops with all kinds of junk, papyri, antiquity and the like. Traders spoke to me in English, were very intrusive and tried me sedřít skin. It was like a hell of a walk down the street. But I did not play their dirty game, but normally I greet – As-Salamu Alaykum. Completely switched to human form and answered me with the blessed words. Probably they have the impression that I am Egyptian, and gave me a room. I passed other parts and with Muhammad, from which I felt goodness, I bought vegetables.


On the way back I was out of pokoukal some historic buildings and shot by the ship back because I was very hungry. Along the way I met Abdul and invited him for a meal. He told me to prepare it and call him. I also did, but I did not. Around him, decency or any tradition prevented. Or just not hungry and did not directly refuse me. I had beans, fried eggplant, falafel (bean burger) and plenty of vegetables to bread. Food for the day for CZK 30. I started into it and nearly everything she bought, I almost snapped. Then I could finally take a nap. After a few hours he was awakened by Abdul, who sat on the boat.


He told me that tonight goes to a local wedding and it likes to take me there. I was very excited. Just said that I have to buy beer or hashish, I enjoyed it, that there was nothing get. I told him that I can dance without drugs, but he said such a tradition here. A bit like it did not, but I wanted very much to the wedding, so I gave him 100 pounds (300 CZK) on hashish, which seemed overpriced, but maybe 3 times more I spent all those monuments and museums that here in Luxor they are and I’m not that much. But go to a local wedding and get to know the people and culture that is important to me sometimes the price of gold. Such things naturally free, but without contacts is not easy to be there in each country to get.


Abdul went to get the stuff, and I, meanwhile, showered in the bathroom. Backpack I’m locked in the bowels of the ship Abdul. We sat on the ferry, where his friends and scooted to the West Bank. The closest bridge is 10 km away, so people commonly transported on ships, because the main part of town on the east bank and the Valley of the Kings (Pharaohs) to the west.


It was early evening and we sat in the first teahouse on the banks of the Nile. I sipped tea with all the guys I was acquainted and listened to live here. His friend Taja own apartment and he needed my help with promotion. I offered him that he’ll do pretty pictures, video and Facebook page. Abdul jumped change clothes and returned to the traditional saídském jacket with a scarf. I really liked and I said I wanted one too. Taja took me to his home that one has. I told him that he can not pay for it, but to me she can donate for my help. Smoking hashish or marijuana-mouthed me, I never have a strong influence and so here in Egypt trying so. Dabus, What is burning hashish in the glass and inhaling through the nose. I smoked cannabis a few months. After a while ran intoxication, and I enjoyed it. I have the ability to feel what people are and when I’m stoned, even more so.


Suddenly I got all mine SUBSCRIBERS saw almost without masks. I’ve seen who is good and who is evil. I saw me and manipulate all sorts of insidious ways out of me just trying to get money. I did not their friend. I was just walking next dollar, with whom I play this vile game. Unbelievably to me manipulated, used and emotions that I myself was attacking my chakras and lots more. They offered to me Tajův apartment with a big discount. I said that I want to sleep on the boat for free, or that there are hostels to 100 crowns per night. They offered me therefore slept in the tearoom at 100 CZK. Then Taja played the theater, he thought that he pay for one of his cloak. Mustafa he wanted for the price to sell duped saídskou scarf. Abdul spurred me to buy the boys a beer that’s worth CZK 60 one. It made me sick and I had all this pressure hard to resist. I know that I would be one of them directly robbed, but the tricks of how travelers extort money are countless.


I stopped them feel good. I took off my jacket that I do not want him. Abdul have followed me started joking that I flexures, which means that I do not circumcised. That took place in a friendlier spirit. Taja was too Gelb, because when he was young, and his father did not have the money for the surgery. I understand that it is important for them as well as about baptism. I’ve got behind me either, so I do it just to empathize. It turned out that we are uncircumcised outnumbered. Abdul even so continuously expel me. All the boys smoked hashish and drank whiskey. He sat with us a couple who were silent and clothing was different. They told me that it is a successful entrepreneur with Saudi Arabia and that he came to smoke hashish, because Saudi Arabia is considered a death sentence. Lighter wrongdoing are punished by public flogging in the town center that is screaming what the offender did.


Lord, I said that when I was in Kuwait, so I have two months he sought to get at least a 3-day transit visa, but it was a problem. He offered me to give me an invitation letter and a few days if everything went, I could be in Saudi Arabia. It was unbelievable. I asked if he wanted to really help such a fool as I am. He said that if these steps help, and I accidentally became a Muslim, so it was huge for him a good deed and Allah would reward him for. He also told me that the situation improves with visas in the future it will be easier to get there. Although the visit to Arabia was my dream, I would not now digressing from my trip Africa, because now the Muslims need more than a little rest. Anyway, I’m from the gentleman felt something incredibly beautiful and hugely Arabia attracts me. Hour progressed and we sat in the car and went to the wedding. Lord when starting proclaimed “in the name of God”. In our understanding it is as if we say safe journey.


At the wedding were incredibly many people. I was still under the influence of hashish and everything I experienced deeply. I felt very strange, perhaps nejdivněji in life. Music and dancing were very special. I felt like on another planet. Abdul I certainly believe that, but even so I invited him for a beer, because I knew I loved him and I kind of wanted to give back to the bed on his boat. Do beers we had a shot of whiskey and we were fine. It was strange to watch this strange Arab culture, guys in cloaks and also drink beer with them that I was not comfortable for them. For me, that’s what the beer was only link with home and so I felt a little normal. Then I rode with them on the floor and made a few videos. I needed to pee and so they took me to the house of the groom. When I entered, so just panímáma halekáním welcomed member of the family, which was very oriental and exotic.


S Abdul I arrived at the port. Before we jump into the boat, so they pee in the water, not standing, as we near the tree, but in a squatting position, which was very funny. He apologized to me, it’s not pretty, but that Holt had and for me it was at least funny. Boatman threw me to the other side and I gone to the boat and slept like a log. I’ve always wanted to sleep on the boat, so I fulfilled another dream.


Morning around 8 am the sun woke me up. Tajov I promised to help him with promotion, but just the thought of seeing him again, I disgusted. His cloak, together with a written thank you for Abdul’ve had in the bowels of the ship and disappeared as soon as possible.


People who work here in tourism, are incredibly intrusive. Since the days of the Egyptian revolution is not much tourists here, which is great for travelers. But those brave here who reach it, jump as locusts. So far, the worst it has been here in Luxor. In search of some cheap accommodation I pokoukal on monuments, from which you can feel the spirit of antiquity and the pharaohs. All day I dospával at the hotel.


On the evening I went to the market to buy fruit to the already proven sellers Muhammad. I felt very nice to him and I sat beside him. He invited me to tea. I was surprised that it is from Saudi Arabia. This is how I imagine it appeared the Muslim prophet Muhammad. He is 24 years old and had lived three years in Egypt, where he married. He spoke no English and I do not know exactly how they got here, but he said he sometimes likes to drink beer. Which is not in Arabia. Every day the market sells fruit from 7am to 11pm. Lifetime and socializing with his place in the market where they spend whole days.


On the way out of the market, I peeked into a random church. I felt tremendous relief there from Islam and the pressure is on me in contact with people is formed. I felt just like home and even from the Egyptian Christians that I met there, I had a greater sense of closeness, than Egyptian Muslims. There I slept outside on the balcony because it was a pleasant tropical night.


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