Pavel Adventurer – I hichhike around the world

I followed typical social programme. I studied hard and worked hard. When I was 28 I finally got balls to quit 9-5 job, break up with my girlfriend, take all savings out of pallet, sell everything till the last sock and went to face my biggest fears. Any moment since then if I die I will die fulfilled and happy.

My mission is to hitchhike around the world. I want to inspire others to stop putting off their lives and start to fulfil their dreams as I do. Those who do not get any of actions I do, I want to share adventure I experience on my world trip through videos, articles and pictures.

My journey has been so far very intuitive. I do not follow any detailed plan. I travel as quickly as I feel it and where I am attracted to. Thanks to this I experience things that other people dream about. It is simply because I say YES to everything that I am offered.


Pavel Klega: alias Pavel Adventurer
Address: Dukelská 2, 748 01 Hlučín, Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 605 425 743. However it will be better to send me an email because I am still on the road. As soon as I can I will get back to you.

Press releases

15.02.2017 Adventurer Pavel Klega: První etapa cesty kolem světa stopem zakončena
18.07.2016 Dobrodruh Pavel Klega zveřejnil svůj první film
21.03.2016 Dobrodruh Pavel Klega vyráží 1. dubna kolem Afriky stopem
01.09.2015 Dobrodruh už stopuje rok kolem světa, teď ho čeká Afrika

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