Said hospitality is incredible

Ali woke me up around 7 in the morning and brought me to breakfast with tea Sachar. For demonstration he took one and put it in tea to soften and sucked like a sponge. We had breakfast together, and then I brought to show his elder son. Ali he offered to take me to the camel market. His son wanted very much to come with us but Ali then went right straight to work.


He works as suppliers’ goods. In the store buys all sorts of food, which then distributes to its tuk-tuk to the stores in your area. We set out from his village, and I felt his pride that he carries on the back hideaway. For a few minutes we stopped a railroad crossing gates. I was intrigued that the bolt retracts manulaně man who lives in a small house with the whole family next door.


Before camel exchange I had with Ali and farewell too thanked him for everything. Large courtyard was full of camels. An estimated there were at least 500. I started to browse the market and see how it works there. From the market, I drove back to town with the boys, who appeared out of boredom came on the market just beat up a couple of camel.


It was a decent lunch sweltering and I went on foot to the village blízské Dar El Salam. It was unbelievable but after the second I met a friend of Sarah. Like Ali rozvážením feed products to stores. I said that I still want to visit Jenda Saleh. Then he put me on a tuk-tuk and off we went.


Along the way, he stops at the booth where the guy selling sweet iced drink on behalf of you. Unfortunately I was not able to figure out from what is produced. But typnul would say that from sugar cane. Anyway stabbed amazing because it was hot.


We arrived at the house of Saleh, who was pleasantly surprised that I visited him again. Like the previous day took us into rooms for male visitors. Soon it was time for lunch, and again brought refreshments, this time with čertvě baked homemade bread. It was shaped like a loaf of bread resembling a Czech, which I have not seen for ages. I’m very happy for him and watched očuchoval its freshness. Saleh was very surprised as I admire their bread and said he would give me one on the way.


Once we all zdlábli, so we hopped on a 2 tuk-tuk and went to their fields, which were between their house and the River Nile. Sarah stopped along the way to greet one of the vendors. He told him about me and he took a chilled glass with sprite and handed it to me.


Narrow paths between fields, we staggered to the water screw driven by a cow for pumping water from the Nile to irrigate the fields. Along the way we met some friends Sauro, who bought him for a couple of sweets and Turkish delight me. Then we finally arrived Saleh to the fields where I wanted to show mangoes and bananas. It was after the season and mango trees were without fruit.


Dale we arrived banánovníkovým prouzkoumali plantations and their fetuses that were still young and still maturing. On the way back we stopped at a friend Saleh. His house was close to the Nile and all around it was a lot of palm trees. His younger brother had to pick dates and all of his fierce sun was donated.


I headed to the end of the village, when in fact we stopped at the store where I bought Ali chilled mango juice and chocolate. Those guys were so excited that I swirled my visit to their weekdays peasant life, that is to compete in hospitality. Finally, they exported at the end of the village, where we parted cordially.


Right next to the police čekpoint where police caught up with me and I stopped a minibus to Aswan. The road was lined from left rail and the hill on which lay a Nubian houses. From the right path was opsipaná palm trees, tiny fields and led along the Nile River. The sun was setting over the horizon and the fields are carried with the scent of smoke of burnt palm wood. When the minibus completely filled, so he stood in the stern and dželo with the handle mounted on the roof.


The whole dirty, sweaty, smelly, muddy and totally happy I got to the center of Aswan. I walked around the main train station and then a magnificent scented spice market, colored clothing and decorated with tropical fruits and vegetables. Sometimes the men sitting around at my store to odplyvli of it on earth was a decent pool. I massaged it to sudan embassy in the vicinity of which I wanted to sleep.


Along the way he approached Ashraf. It was dark in color, had dreadlocks and looked somehow different than other Egyptians. It was the first Nůbijec, whom I met, of which I was a huge enthusiastic. He spoke Egyptian Arabic, acted as Egyptian vypdal but simply afričtěji. In addition to the Egyptian Arabic speaking and nubíjským language that is markedly different from Arabic. That was relatively young, so he already had two wives. One from Austria and one Nubíjku.


, Before I offered that I could sleep on his boat for 80 egytspkých pounds (240 CZK). I told him that I do not have a budget, so I offered that one night I can sleep for free. She went to a local gang of boy. Two of them were sellers of hashish and immediately offered it to me agile. I told them that no (local) do not have the money, which at that time was true. Somehow everywhere working principle of Robin Hood. If a person has money, so people try to turn it. However, if you do not have any, so they are sojourners and share with him what exactly they have on hand. We all sat on the boat and began pokuřování hashish. As always, they would like to share with me but instead I have a sip of beer Holt got a whack hashish welcome. Finally, she smoked up decently with the guys and know them and proximate.


One boy was Nůbijec and named Aladdin. He told me that Nubians have black skin and white hearts. Nubia is politically divided between southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Egypt and Sudan once formed one country, ruled by King Faruk. Sudan broke away. Nubia and her family that she halved. Aladin feed import and sale of Nubian wooden statuettes and other souvenir shop from northern Sudan. The guys told me that a lot goes to Aswan European women for proper sex because blacks have a big dick.


One of the guys took off the table a metal cup and scooped water from the Nile, which subsequently drank. I was looking at him like a plowed mouse. Divide me as I of the doubt and say “yes, here we drink water directly from the river.” Here is the Nile still clean. I really liked it, so I also just picked up and drank with them. I was already totally tired and hungry. Once everyone around 2 am broke, so I nafutroval everything I gave farmers the road and has gone to sleep.


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